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Qabrastan and Masjid (Q&M) Project : Alhamdolliah and with blessings of Mohammad Wa Ale Mohammad JIS purchased a land in Pooraka to build a three story mosque with first ever Shia Cemetery in Australia.

Land was purchased on 16th of Shahban 1439H / 3 May 2018 for a price of $1.4million.

Council planning Approval held to build a place of worship with Cemetery.


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NOTE: Please when transferring /Depositing into JIS account please write your name and purpose in description. Purpose can be “Masjid”, “QABIR”, “Khums”, “Majlis”, “Hall Rent”, “Sadqa”, MEMBXXXXXX. Call Mohsin on 0401 922 530 for more information.

The land is located at 256 Bridge Road Pooraka SA 5095; the site is just 14 km from Adelaide CBD.

Located in the centre of northern suburb where majority of Shia Muslims reside.

First ever shier Muslims owned Cemetery in Australia, 4000sqm of land is dedicated to Cemetery having capacity to hold 2,800 grave plots that will cater for over 200 years need for the Shia Muslims in SA.

First ever Shia Muslim Library in Australia will be built inside the mosque.

14,000 sq. Meters of vacant land, with two street entrances one from Jay Street and the other from bridge road.

Mosque size of 2210 sqm to be built, a floor dedicated to mosque, a floor to a Sunday school with function hall, attached with resident Alam house on top floor.

The place will hold over 175 car parks, along with children playground area of 500sqm.

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Mortgage $700K
Owing $670K 95.71%
Construction Stage 1 Qabrastan $1.6M
Funds Required 14.6 M 91.25%
Construction Stage 2 Masjid $3.4M
Funds Required 3.4 100%
Project Status

How can you help us,

  • You can help us by buying a grave for $8000.00 as upfront or your choice of monthly instalment price.
  • You can donate any generous amount towards the Mosque.
  • You can give your Khumas towards this project Permission Held from Syed Sistani.
  • You can become a member of JIS and pay monthly $30 membership fee.
  • You can collect a Donation box from us and put Sadqa Imam Zamana Money in it , once filled call us and we will collect from you.

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