Jafaria Islamic Society

Dars e Ikhlas

Every Sunday

  • Read and understand the holy Quran.
  • Message to the youth.
  • Question and Answer session with Aalim.
  • Tafseer e Quran.
  • Dars e Ikhlas.

Dua e Kumayl

Every Thrusday with Majlis

  • Imam Ali ibni Talib(A.S) taught this dua’a to his very close companion, Kumayl ibni Ziyad.
  • It keeps safe from the intrigues of enemies, multiply means of livelihood, and sins are forgiven
  • Note: To host Majlis and Dua please contact Jafar on 0424 548 558

Hosting Islamic Events

Islamic Events throughout the year

  • Hosts all the Islamic Events throughout the year 
  • Yearly 30 Days Ramadhan Iftar Program with Majalis.
  • Yearly 30 Days Muharram Program.
  • Every Sunday Youth Classes titled “Understanding Islam” 
  • Every Thrusday Dua Kumail Program
  • Every Year Ashura Jaloos in Adelaide City.

Marriage & Divorce Services

  • Islamic Marriage Ceremony by Resident Aalim.
  • Help in Marriage Matching
  • Counselling in separation matters.

Jafaria Project

Mosque and Cemetery (MC) Project

  • Alhamdolliah and with blessings of Mohammad Wa Ale Mohammad JIS purchased a land in Pooraka to build a three story mosque with first ever Shia Cemetery in Australia.
  • Land was purchased on 16th of Shahban 1439H / 3 May 2018 for a price of $1.4million.
  • Council planning Approval held to build a place of worship with Cemetery.

Funeral Services

  • Transport of deceased from Hospital to Funeral.
  • Arrange Funeral / Grave.
  • Funeral Prayer.
  • Organising deceased’s Fatiha and Quran Khowani.
  • For more details please contact Syed Mehdi on 0430 745 786 

Refugee Support

Islamic Events throughout the year

  • Accommodation
  • Job hunting
  • language support
  • Help newly arrived to settle in Australia.

Karwan e Karbala

  • Yearly Arbaeen trip from Australia (Adelaide) to Iraq (Najaf, Karbala and Kazmain)
  • Visa, Flight tickets Food and Accommodation
  • Aalim guidance during Ziyaraths
  • Contact Moulana Ghulam Ali Haideri (0469 924 629) or Izhar (0431 130 268) for 2019 bookings.

Playford College

  • First Shia Islamic School in South Australia
  • Registered with Department for Education
  • Primary School to Year 9
  • Opening Year 10 in 2020
  • 24 Durrington Road Elizabeth SA 5112
  • Click on the below button for Enrollments.

Jafaria Sports

Jafaria Cricket

  • Cricket team at District level
  • Interstate Tournaments
  • Contact
  • Akram Arifi : 0431 609 531


  • Halal swimming exclusive for Jafaria Members Cricket team at District level.
  • $10.00 per person for a two hour session every fortnight.
  • 3/18-20 Alexander Ave, Evanston Park SA 5116
  • Contact Jafaria Management : 0424 548 558