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Jafaria Islamic Society


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Jafaria Islamic Society Of SA

JAFARIA ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF SA (JIS) is a charitable organization listed with ACNC (Australian Charities and not for profit Commission) was founded in 2009 by Shia Muslims of Adelaide. JIS was formed with vision to provide Shia Muslims of Adelaide a platform to practice their faith and to deliver proud talented Shia Australians to South Australia.

JIS took its name from Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Imam Jafar e Sadiq(a.s) from whom Shia Muslims takes the understanding and practicing aspect of Islam. JIS proudly represents SHIA Muslims in SA who arrived from different parts of the world and have called Australian home. JIS is multicultural society that delivers programs in HAZRGI, URDU, PERSIAN and ENGLISH.

Jafaria Alerts


NOTE : Programs will be updated on our website close to the event. Please click on the above links to join Jafaria Viber group to receive up to date event information and follow us on Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest videos.

Services to its members

Refugees Support

Accommodation, Job Hunting, language and help new arrived settle in Australia.

Marriage & Divorce Services

Islamic Marriage Ceremony by Resident Aalim. Help in Marriage Matching

Funeral Services

Transport of deceased from Hospital to Funeral. Arrange Funeral / Grave

Islamic Events

Host All the Islamic Events throughout the year

Ramadhan Iftar

Yearly 30 Days Ramadhan Iftar Program with Majalis

Muharram Program

Yearly 30 Days Muharram Program.

Youth Classes

Every Sunday Youth Classes titled “Understanding Islam”

Dua Kumail

Every Thrusday Dua Kumail Program

Ashura Jaloos

Every Year Ashura Jaloos in Adelaide City 

Jafaria Sports

Jafaria Cricket and Swimming Program 

Jafaria Project 

JIS Mosque and Cemetery Project 


Assalaamu Alaikum: Thank you for visiting the Jafaria Islamic society website. The Jafaria SA is located in 2 Pedder Crescent Regency Park and is one of the largest Shia community in Adelaide. We invite you to visit us and discover the beauty of Ibadath and Azadari. This will give you an opportunity to meet our diverse and friendly community represented by dozens of different ethnicities. Hope to see you soon at our center!


Community with over 5 different nationalities represented and growing


Getting Membership & Connecting with Jafaria Islamic Society is easy and convenient.


Growing Over 1000 Azadar attend the Adelaide Aashura Walk and growing.


Over 200 Majalis and Jashans have been conducted in 2021 and counting.